Marelli Generator MJB 160 XA4

Product Code: MJB 160 XA4

Description: 3PH, 4POLE

3PH, 50HZ = 13.5 KVA & 10.8KW

3PH, 60HZ = 16.2 KVA & 12.96KW


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MJB Generator

Marelli Motori manufactures electric generators for all applications where energy is required.

Our product applications include:

  • Prime Rated Power (PRP) and Continuous Operating Power (COP)
  • stand by
  • emergency
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • telecom


Marelli Motori manufactures electric synchronous and asynchronous generators for hydro power plants which can be utilized in any turbine installation.

Our product applications include:

  • Pelton turbines
  • Francis turbines
  • Kaplan turbines
  • Turgo turbines
  • Cross-Flow turbines