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What causes gearbox failure?

Industrial Gearbox Repairs Overhaul of an industrial electric gearbox can return its performance to an as-new condition, prevent maintenance issues from developing, and extend its lifetime. Rotamec can overhaul or repair virtually any size or type of industrial gearbox to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. The first stage of an…

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Why is my submersible pump not working?

Why is my submersible pump not working? Commonly found in moving wastewater, submersible pumps are usually hard to access. Therefore, when they fail, it can present quite a challenge for operators. But why do they fail, and what can you do to prevent unscheduled pump downtime? The primary reason for submersible pump failure, in our…

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Should you repair or replace an inefficient pump?

Inefficient pump: fix or replace?

Should you repair or replace an inefficient pump? Weighing the factors involved in this decision involves considering the wider process and supply chain context. By Steed Webzell for Operations Engineer So, the pump is a little long in the tooth; it still functions but performance and efficiency have dipped to levels that are impacting operations…

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