ABB Motors

ABB Motor Supply, Repair & Service

CovElec part of the Rotamec group are an authorised distributor of ABB motors. They are an approved repair centre and hold value provider status. Value Provider status means we can supply all models of ABB low voltage motors. We can provide a same-day service from our  large on-site stock of ABB motors

This includes;

  • ABB Low Voltage AC motors
  • ABB DC motors
  • ABB Servo motors
  • ATEX Motors
  • Synchronous reluctance motors.

ABB Motors – Emergency Service 24/7

As a Technical Distributor within ABB’s Value Provider programme, CovElec is authorised by ABB to carry out repairs across its motor range. Our engineers have the highest level of expertise to provide a full ABB motor repair service.

There is never a convenient time for a ABB motor to stop. This is why Rotamec offers customers access to an around-the-clock service for the upkeep of this vital equipment. Whether this is a repair, rewind or a new ABB motor off the shelf.

ABB Product Range | Supply & Repair Services

ABB Motor Repairs | 24/7 Service

Repairing an electric motor is often the only solution where replacement motors are not available or where the faulty motor is of a specialist design or type.

Rotamec offer a full rewind service for all AC and DC ABB motors, new bearings are fitted, armatures can be skimmed and undercut, field coils and interpoles can be re-leaded and brush gear renewed, therefore ensuring many more years of reliable service.

Additionally Rotamec’s specialist engineers are able to test electronic control systems, diagnose faults and effect repairs as required.