Motor Rewinding

Electric Motor Rewinds

For over 20 years, Rotamec has offered its customers an expert, reliable motor rewind service. 

Whether it’s due to regular wear and tear, unexpected failures, or preventative maintenance, we bring your motors back to life, ensuring optimal performance and extended lifespan.

Rotamec’s fully comprehensive workshop is capable of repairing and rewinding motors of all sizes ranging from 1 kW right up to 1000 kW. We offer a 24 hour service to ensure any downtime is to a minimum.

Why opt for a motor rewind?

Opting to rewind a motor frequently presents a cost-effective solution compared to outright replacement. Not only does this approach prove to be financially beneficial but it also helps to protect the environment. By rewinding, many components of the motor are reused, thereby minimising waste and promoting environmental sustainability.

Additionally, when motors are rewound correctly, they can operate with the same efficiency as brand-new ones, ensuring that users reap the utmost value from their investment.

Motor Rewind Services:

Electric Motor Repair & Rewind Process

Collection Service

Upon your first contact, we provide free pick-up and return services for customers surrounding our branches in Somerset, Exeter, South Wales, Leicester and nearby regions. However, you’re welcome to personally bring it to our facility or opt for courier shipment.

Inspection and Stripping 

Upon receiving your motor, our expert team conducts an electrical test. If required, we’ll meticulously disassemble it to inspect each part in detail, guiding our subsequent steps to ensure we get the best solution for your motor.

Repair or Rewind

After evaluating the motor, whether it’s a repair, a rewind, or necessitating a brand-new unit, we’ll present you with our most competitive estimate and projected timeline. Once the quotation has been accepted our team will get started.

Testing & Quality Checks

Post-repair or rewind, it’s vital to ascertain our work’s integrity. Using our specialised testing facilities, we assess both electrical and mechanical aspects of the motor, ensuring a smooth operation devoid of vibrations and with all phases harmonised.

In situations where we’re assessing a full machine, the motor is incorporated to confirm that the entire system operates seamlessly, with all phases synchronised and adhering to the Full Load Current.

Clean and Respray

During the motor’s disassembled state, every part undergoes a thorough cleaning. Once reassembled and post-testing, the motor gets a fresh coat of paint in our spray chamber, reviving its original gleam.


Having restored your motor to its prime, we gladly offer complimentary delivery to areas surrounding our branches. Alternatively, you can come by to collect it, or for those situated farther, a courier option is available.