Bearing Net Best Bits: Covid-19 Feature: Rotamec enhances their electromechanical repair service during the pandemic

Rotamec are a 24/7 provider of electromechanical maintenance services for rotating equipment. During the lockdown, the company stayed fully operational to support its critical customers in the food & beverage, healthcare and utilities sectors.

Having celebrated their 20th anniversary in May, the business has overcome the challenges of the new normal, growing its service and reinvesting in its capabilities during the pandemic. The new addition of a 10-tonne capacity crane at its Cheddar branch workshop
has allowed Rotamec to expand its maintenance service for motors, generators, pumps, gearboxes and power transmission equipment. This reinvestment means the business can now repair larger units such as equipment in the water, recycling and power generation sectors. New associations, partnerships and acquisitions were another source of optimism for Rotamec throughout 2020. Firstly, Summer & Panes joined Rotamec in May, a specialist in the repair of motors, pumps, fans and blowers. Secondly, Rotamec partnered with bespoke fabrication provider Response Engineering, which now delivers a new combined service within the company. Thirdly, a new association was created with JPS Reliability, which has enhanced condition monitoring services and allows more customers to be offered extended options to secure long-term equipment reliability. Simon Brooks, Managing Director at Rotamec, commented: “This has been a challenging period for everyone. We have had to adapt our approach to ensure that our critical customers could still receive the highly responsive, round the clock maintenance service they expect. We were delighted to celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, a milestone we reached due to the hard work of our team and the loyalty of our customers.

Navigating the pandemic has been no different, with this dependable foundation we have been able to work effectively while enhancing our repair capabilities, despite the current challenges.”

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