Celebrating Our Rising Stars: Riley and Jack at the AEMT Awards

Honouring Achievement and Potential

The Rotamec group is immensely proud to announce that two of our talented engineers, Riley and Jack, were finalists in the prestigious Rising Star category at this year’s AEMT (Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades) Awards. This recognition is a testament to their hard work, skill, and the bright future they hold in the industry.

Riley and Jack have been integral members of the Rotamec group, consistently demonstrating exceptional skills and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Their journey to becoming finalists at the AEMT Awards is filled with dedication, innovation, and a passion for engineering that inspires everyone at Rotamec and CovElec.

Celebrating Their Achievements

Though Riley and Jack did not clinch the top spot at the awards, their achievement as finalists cannot be overstated. Being recognised among the best young talents in the field is a significant accomplishment. 

The future looks incredibly promising for these two young engineers. Their recognition at the AEMT Awards is just the beginning of what we believe will be a remarkable career in the engineering field. We are excited to continue supporting Riley and Jack in their professional growth and achievements.

A Thank You to Our Team

This moment also reflects the collective effort and supportive environment at Rotamec. We believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for growth and development. Riley and Jack’s success is a testament to this commitment, and we extend our gratitude to every team member who plays a part in creating such a dynamic and supportive workplace.

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