Rapid Gearbox Replacement at a Gravel Pit: A Rotamec Success Story

In the world of industrial maintenance, quick and effective solutions are crucial to minimising downtime. This post highlights a recent success story where Rotamec demonstrated exceptional agility and technical expertise in an emergency gearbox replacement at a local gravel pit.

Challenge: A critical gearbox on the main infeed conveyor of the gravel pit failed unexpectedly. The removal of the damaged gearbox posed significant challenges, leading to further complications when the rear plate failed under hydraulic pressure. The situation demanded an urgent and efficient resolution to avoid prolonged operational downtime.

Rotamec’s response was multi-faceted and swift:

  1. On-Site Assessment and Removal: Our engineers promptly attended the site, carefully dismantling the damaged parts without affecting the existing shaft.

  2. Expert Sourcing of Replacement Unit: At Rotamec’s Cheddar HQ, the Technical Sales Team identified a superior Helical Bevel gearbox from Nord Drive Systems, ensuring greater output torque and an improved service factor.

  3. Rapid Turnaround with Speedbuild: The new unit was made available through a 48-hour speedbuild from Germany, exemplifying our capacity for quick supply chain mobilisation.

  4. Custom Engineering and Adaptation: While the new gearbox matched critical dimensions, further customisation was required. Our machine shop skilfully manufactured a bespoke gearbox mounting plate to mirror the original unit’s footprint.

  5. Precise Installation and Testing: Our engineers, along with a specialist on-site welder, ensured the precise installation of the new unit. The motor wiring and operational testing followed, confirming the correct direction of rotation.

The coordinated effort across multiple departments at Rotamec enabled the gravel pit to resume its operations within an astonishing 72-hour window from the initial failure. This rapid turnaround minimised downtime and enhanced the conveyor’s performance with a more robust and efficient gearbox.

Our ability to quickly adapt, coupled with our technical prowess and in-house manufacturing capabilities, positions us as a leader in tackling complex industrial challenges.

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