Achieve Significant Savings with Rotamec’s Energy Efficiency Calculator

Saving £’s & Helping the Environment

In the food manufacturing industry, one of the key challenges lies in optimising energy consumption. When our customer approached us with an aging IE1 motor that had undergone rewinding, we recognised the opportunity to make a substantial impact. By replacing the inefficient motor with an IE3 model and utilising Rotamec’s Energy Efficiency Calculator, we set out to demonstrate the potential for energy savings and financial gain.

Our goal was to evaluate the energy and cost savings resulting from upgrading the customer’s motor. Through the implementation of Rotamec’s Energy Efficiency Calculator, we aimed to determine the payback period for the investment and showcase the advantages of modern, energy-efficient technology.

We collaborated closely with our food manufacturing customer to gather essential data, including motor specifications, historical energy consumption, operating hours, and electricity rates. Leveraging our Energy Efficiency Calculator, we inputted this information to generate a comprehensive analysis of energy consumption and projected cost savings. Using the precise data provided by the customer, our technical team were able to evaluate the potential energy savings achievable.

The results obtained through our Energy Efficiency Calculator were impressive. By replacing the old IE1 motor with an IE3 motor, we projected yearly carbon dioxide savings of 18.3 tonne. The cost savings translates to approximately 62% of the customer’s electricity rate.

Payback Period

To gauge the financial viability of the investment, we calculated the total cost of the motor replacement, including installation expenses. Based on the yearly cost savings obtained from the Energy Efficiency Calculator, we determined that the customer would recoup their investment within a remarkable three-month period. This rapid payback highlighted the outstanding return on investment associated with upgrading to an IE3 motor.

Impressive Cost Savings – A Success for the Customer

By leveraging advanced technologies and making data-driven decisions with the Rotamec Energy Efficiency Calculator, our food manufacturing customer achieved substantial cost reductions and enhanced energy efficiency. This success story underscores the importance of embracing energy-efficient solutions in industrial settings, providing both financial advantages and a positive environmental impact.