Engineering Solutions at its finest – Rotamec helping customers to turn heads…

Engineering Solutions at its finest.

A proprietor of a local furniture shop Silcox Son & Wicks came to Rotamec with the idea of rotating furniture in one of his show rooms. The turntable would have a maximum of 250kg of weight at any one time and to be able to vary the speed of rotation so he could tweak it to the exact speed required.

A Motovario mechanical variable speed Geared Motor unit was selected by the Rotamec internal sales team capable of operating within a given speed range for flexibility.

Rotamec also needed to design, manufacture and retrofit a replacement mounting plate and shaft which was fitted to the geared motor unit and bolted to a frame. Due to the motor and gearbox being mounted underneath the turntable once in position, adjusting the unit to the required running speed would prove to be difficult due to limited access so a long reach speed adjustment extension bar was manufactured to offer the perfect solution.

Proprietor Stephen Wicks commented “After approaching the Rotamec team with what I was trying to achieve, we discussed various ways in which it could be done and I am very happy with the outcome. I cannot thank the Rotamec team enough, the end result is proving a very useful marketing tool for my business. Thanks again to all involved!”

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