NTN Bearing Box Technical Assistance Training

NTN Bearing Box Training

Boost your efficiency and quality

With our field experts, you boost the
operational efficiency of your business:
• by cutting your maintenance costs;
• by training you in best practice;
• by optimizing the service life of your equipment.

The Bearing Box Proposal

  1. Training:
    • 100% adapted to your needs.
    • Theory: basics, bearing technology, bearing life,
    lubrication, clearance…
    • Practice: training, demonstration with tools.
    • Bearing lubrication
  2. Technical assistance:
    • Supervision of the mounting and dismounting
    of your bearings.
    • Diagnostics: bearings and lubrication.
  3. Maintenance tools and products.

As an NTN SNR bearing distributor & stockist we can propose training tailored to your requirements & arrange a date for the training with you.

All you need to do is :
• make a room available for the training;
• arrange for a secure parking area for the Bearing Box.

Speak to one of our team today.

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