Rotamec’s Charity of the Year – Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital

Throughout 2022 Rotamec will be fundraising for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital in Wales.

Noah’s Ark Charity believe passionately that all children in Wales should get the best possible hospital care. Working with the NHS, they aim to provide the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales with state of the art equipment, facilities and family support services. Helping to ensure the best treatment and outcomes possible for its young patients.

During January in teams Rotamec are walking the tip to toe of Wales which is 187 miles – or 421,000 steps to raise money for the Jungle Ward.

Please donate if you can: Rotamec Engineering Solutions is fundraising for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital Charity (


The needs of the children of Jungle ward at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales have changed. It’s now time for the ward to change with it so that the 1,400 young patients looked after there every year can continue to get the best possible care. Jungle ward cares for more children with complex medical conditions and young people in mental health crisis than ever before. It also now provides rehabilitation for children with brain injuries, where previously they travelled elsewhere for this specialist treatment. Due to the nature of the conditions being treated there, hospital stays for young patients on Jungle Ward can be a lot longer or more frequent than average, while for others they are shorter but often traumatic.


Help make the Jungle Ward mighty!

We are helping make life better for the children of Jungle ward by donating to the appeal. They need to raise £1 million as soon as possible to transform it in to an inclusive and stimulating environment designed specifically to provide the best possible level of care. A space where families can still be families during their hospital stays.

A space where ALL children, regardless of their age or ability can do what they do best – laugh, play, be silly and get lost in their incredible imaginations.

In memory of Cai…

Cai grew up at the children’s hospital for Wales. He spent so much of his time on Jungle ward that he came to be known as King of the Jungle.

Cai had very complex medical needs and though he loved his Jungle ward family, the facilities around him did not grow with him as he got older, meaning that areas like the playroom were not really accessible to him.

Advancements in care mean that more children with complex medical needs are living longer. Jungle ward is where many of these children recieve their care. We are determined to make the ward, and particularly a new playroom, a place where Cai would loved to have spend his hospital days.

Watch Cai’s story here: Video

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