Skills for Life with Rotamec: The Journey of Ryan Davis

The Journey of Ryan Davis

From Apprentice to Manager

Ryan’s journey with Rotamec began in August 2012, when, at the tender age of 16, he stepped into the world of engineering as an apprentice. His entry into the apprenticeship scheme marked the start of a remarkable career path, illustrating Rotamec’s belief in nurturing homegrown talent. In a time when school leavers are exploring alternatives to university, apprenticeships like the one Ryan embarked on offer a practical and rewarding route into full-time employment.

A Well-Rounded Education

Ryan’s apprenticeship was not just about getting hands-on experience in the workshop. Rotamec ensured he received a holistic training program, which included day release at Bridgwater College. This balanced approach allowed him to earn a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in CNC Machining while gaining invaluable on-the-job learning. This blend of academic and practical learning is at the core of what makes our apprenticeship program so effective.

Climbing the Ladder of Success

By 2016, just four years into his career, Ryan had completed his course and was ready to take on more responsibility. He was promoted to Machine Shop Supervisor, a role in which he thrived and showcased his diverse skill set. From visiting sites as needed, to skilfully producing CAD drawings, operating CNC machines, and even handling project work and quoting – Ryan has done it all. Fast forward to 2024 and Ryan is now our Machine Shop Manager.

Leadership and Inspiration

Today, Ryan manages a team of two other machinists, a testament to his leadership skills and deep understanding of the field. His duties, though varied, are carried out with a level of expertise and passion that is truly exemplary. Ryan is more than just an employee; he is a beacon of hope and inspiration, particularly for the youth in the engineering industry.

The Embodiment of Hard Work and Dedication

What truly sets Ryan apart is his unwavering commitment and drive. He has consistently exceeded expectations and has never shied away from giving his all to every task. His journey is a clear demonstration of how successful and impactful apprenticeships can be.

The Legacy of an Apprentice

Ryan is a living example of how apprenticeships can provide “Skills for Life.” His progression from an apprentice to a manager is a narrative that underscores the value of learning on the job, and how it can shape a fulfilling career. At Rotamec, we are proud to have been a part of Ryan’s journey and look forward to continuing our tradition of cultivating talent through our apprenticeship program.

Ryan’s story is a reminder that with the right opportunities and a supportive environment, every apprentice has the potential to rise to remarkable heights. At Rotamec, we are committed to providing these opportunities and are excited to see more stories like Ryan’s unfold in the years to come.

Our apprenticeship program stands as a testament to this commitment, promising a future where skills, growth, and personal development go hand in hand.


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