Industrial Ancillaries Devices & Engineering Consumables Supplies

Rotamec can supply and fit all required motor ancillary devices, such as clutches and encoders, as well as provide a wide range of engineering consumables, from PPE to bearings.

Gearboxes step down the motor’s operating speed and increase the output torque to that required by the specific machinery.

Motor ancillary devices & installation

Motor ancillary devices, from encoders to thermal cut outs, are provided in support of Rotamec’s repair, rewind, supply, installation and management services for AC, DC & servo motors, as well as pumps. Rotamec’s experienced engineers, knowledgeable across a wide range of applications, will be able to advise, specify and size the required motor ancillary device specific to need, and ensuring full compatibility with the existing motor.

All devices can be rapidly fitted by our skilled service centre and provided with a guarantee. Rotamec’s experienced technicians can also reinstall your motor onsite to get your application back up and running as quickly as possible. Rotamec’s motor ancillary devices can also be provided separately if required.

Rotamec can supply all required motor ancillary devices from all brands specific to the model, size and specification of your motor or pump. Rotamec supplies motor ancillary devices including:

Engineering Consumables

Rotamec also provides customers with a wide range of engineering consumables, from PPE to bearings. As a member of the Troy Group of industrial suppliers, Rotamec can provide customers with all the consumable engineering products they could need from a network of over 400 suppliers.

As a one-stop-shop for all engineering products, Rotamec also offers a heavily discounted rate. Among the full range of engineering consumables available, frequently requested products include: