What causes gearbox failure?

Industrial Gearbox Repairs

Overhaul of an industrial electric gearbox can return its performance to an as-new condition, prevent maintenance issues from developing, and extend its lifetime. Rotamec can overhaul or repair virtually any size or type of industrial gearbox to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

The first stage of an industrial gearbox overhaul is to assess its condition and plan any repairs that are initially identified. The gearbox is completely stripped down and wet blasted, which removes any coatings, corrosion, or residue such as grease from the individual components.

At that stage, a thorough assessment is made of each component. This includes checking for any wear that could impact operational performance, as well as damage, such as cracks, that could worsen and result in a breakdown. Bearing journals and housings have a particular focus; these are reviewed and measured, as well as the shaft, and the gears are inspected for wear. nord gearbox repair

Assuming the gearbox hasn’t suffered specific wear or damage to any of its components, it is then reassembled according to the manufacturer’s guidance. New bearings are fitted including full and appropriate lubrication. Rotamec’s overhaul process confirms long-term gearbox operation, significantly reducing the potential of unplanned downtime, as well as preventing any short-term maintenance requirements.

Rotamec can overhaul any size or brand of gearbox and all maintenance work is protected by a 12 month guarantee.

Industrial gearbox repairs – What is the common failure?

The most common gearbox repair requirement is a bearing failure. Bearings are the greatest point of mechanical friction and stress, so periodic replacement of the bearings, journals and housings should be planned.

Over time, the lubrication loses its viscosity and protective capacity. Movement and vibration can also extend the smallest of tolerances in assembly, causing oil leaks and seepage. If leaks aren’t quickly identified and repaired, this can accelerate friction and wear.

Any misalignment between the motor and gearbox, including the shaft or any adjoining equipment, can also cause vibration. In addition to the potential to cause structural stress, vibration will also speed up frictional wear, particularly to bearings assemblies.

Vibration can also cause wear to the keyways that form the crucial connection between the gearbox, shaft and the motor. As worn keyways decrease gearbox performance and efficiency, Rotamec can replace or manufacture new keyways to the original tolerance.

The gears themselves will also inevitably wear over time through prolonged use. While lubrication minimises wear, the gearbox should also be checked for any ingress where particle debris can increase friction.

Rotamec carries an extensive stock of gearbox spare parts, and the on-site workshop can also remanufacture any gearbox component if an original part cannot be quickly sourced.

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